A woman entrepreneur combines her love of chocolate with her daughter's favorite foods (chia, quinoa, hemp) and creates a delicious snack - that's impossibly healthy.




ANNA spends her days connecting with staff, suppliers and customers, listening to feedback and planning for the future. In the evenings, she unwinds by sharing her daughters vegetarian, gluten-free meals.


Sales Director

BETTY is responsible for our Business Development for National and International Sales. Days, she runs between meetings to establish new markets. Evenings and weekends, she enjoys time with her family, friends and especially three grandchildren.


Customer Care

ASHLEY spends her days taking care of all aspects of customers' needs, and her evenings taking care of her young son, who is thriving on his healthy lifestyle.



EWA spends her days ensuring the accounts and the office are organized. She spends her evenings on the move with her two children and their dog.


Production Supervisor

DANIELA works with staff to make sure we ship a high quality, delicious product. After work, she joins her two young daughters doing crafts and gardening.