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Celiac Disease | Gluten Intolerance

We want to assure our customers that our product is 100% gluten free. Triple Goodness is manufactured in a gluten-free facility and we test our product internally and externally to ensure we ship a celiac-friendly product. On a personal note, the owner’s daughter-in-law is celiac, so we understand how difficult it is to find delicious gluten-free food.

Triple Goodness is


Child Friendly

Parents are always thrilled to discover that their children like Triple Goodness. Once a mom or dad sees the health claims on the bag and the big smile on their child’s face, they are sold. The only question is “Which flavor do you like best.” Triple Goodness makes a perfect after-school treat, or part of a healthy lunch.

Triple Goodness is


Workout Diet

Triple goodness is a nutrient dense, light snack that is perfect on a bike ride or to enjoy after a workout. It is a great source of plant-based protein, which your body needs for muscle recovery, and of heart-healthy fats such as Omega-3 and Omega-6. Just 50g gives you the same protein as one egg and the same Omega-3 as two servings of salmon.